Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are the lakes at Camping Canne de Bois natural?

A: Lac Hermas is a natural, spring-fed lake which has been expanded with 2 additional (artificial) lakes for recreational use.

Q: Is fishing permitted in the lake at the Camping Canne de Bois?

A: Fishing is permitted in designated portions of the lakes.

Q: How far is Park Safari from Camping Canne de Bois?

A: Park Safari is 5 minutes away by car (approximately 8 KM). (Package deals with Camping Canne de Bois)

Q: Do you have a package with Park Safari?

A: Yes, contact us!

Q: Are dogs permitted at Camping Canne de Bois?

A: Yes, your furry friend is welcome provided that he/she is on a leash at all times.

Q: What kinds of activities are available at Camping Canne de Bois?

A: Many! Follow this links to our local attractions and camp activities!

Q: Do you have walking or biking trails?

A: Yes, Camping Canne de Bois has approximately 3 KM of scenic biking/hiking trails.

Q: How many sites does Camping Canne de Bois have on its grounds?

A: We have approximately 400 sites ranging from "sauvage" (water service only) to 3-service, 30 amp hook-ups with all the amenities!

Q: How do I get to Camping Canne de Bois?

A: Travel directions are available here!

Q: How far is Camping Canne de Bois from the United States border?

A: We are located approximately 3 KM from the USA!