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Here are the dynamic members of our leisure team, always ready to organize tons of activities for you! Check our list of our activities to find out more!

Stephane Gagnon

President of the Leisure team

Welcome to the 2024 season at the beautiful Canne De Bois campsite!

We have a calendar full of exciting events at once, new and classic, for your pleasure. We hope you will see our calendar and that you will be as excited as we are! Every year we try to overtake our last and I think this season will be no exception.
I look forward to share moments and create lasting friendships with each and every one of you.

We have some very talented musicians who come to entertain you as well as many improvements in the infrastructure, including our playground and our water park on the lake. Camping Canne de Bois is implementing an exciting referral program that could save you a lot of money, or even get you your next season for free, so please inquire about it at the door!!!

Thank you for choosing Camping Canne De Bois!

Aimelie Moisan Sirois

Leisure team

Mary Grenier

Leisure team

Julie Bayliff

Leisure team

André Grimard

Leisure team

Beverley Magna

Leisure team

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