Check out our most frequently asked questions to learn more about Camping Canne de Bois!

Are Camping Canne de Bois lakes natural?

Lake Hermas is natural and is supplied by one source and has contributed to the addition of two artificial lakes for recreational use.

Is fishing allowed in the Canne de Bois Camping Lake?

Yes, in a designated area of ​​the lake.

Is the Safari Park far from Camping Canne de Bois?

Approximately 5 minutes by car (approx 8km). (Package available with Camping Canne de Bois).

Do you have an agreement with Safari Park?

Yes, contact us.

Are dogs allowed at Camping Canne de Bois?

Yes, they are allowed as long as they are always on a leash.

What activities are available at Camping Canne de Bois?

Many! Refer to the list of local attractions and camp activities.

Do you have walking and cycling tracks?

Yes, Camping Canne de Bois has about 3 km of scenic trails for walking and cycling.

How much does the Camping Canne de Bois have sites on it’s grounds?

We have about 400 sites; wild (water only), 3 services, 30 amps with all amenities.

How to go to Camping Canne de Bois?

The address is available here.

How far is Camping Canne de Bois from the US borders?

About 3 km.

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