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For several generations, Camping Canne de Bois has brought a lot of campers to stay on their site with it’s natural charm and family activities.

Family camping - Camping Canne de Bois in Hemmingford

Camping Canne de bois, a place to wake the senses

Hermas Fortin opened the Canne de Bois campsite for the first time in 1954. In the early years, he built a series of small houses for himself and his family on a marshy land.

These heritage homes and cottages are now shared with our families visiting the picturesque Hemmingford area.

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A rich and peaceful heritage in the heart of nature

Over time, the land acquired a giant pit created during the construction of the golf course on the other side of Highway 219. The hole was subsequently filled and local visitors began to enjoy the newly created lake. Camping became a regular demand, and then it was decided to offer the side of the hill for seasonal camping. Today, it is a lake shared by our swimmers, flying, grazing and camping friends.

Camping Canne de Bois acquired its name by it’s first visitors, since Mrs. Fortin was touring the lake offering her opinion and her life experiences to everyone, while shaking her wooden cane. Three generations later, her great-grandchildren would take the cane and offer a new dream for the land, where families, the community and recreational fun are at the heart of their mission.

Camping Canne de Bois is now a place where any style of camper that crosses the Hemmingford area can come to relax at the water’s edge, bring their family to play freely and create lasting memories in this natural haven.

Family camping of lake Hermas - Camping Canne de Bois in Hemmingford
Lake Hermas - Camping Canne de Bois in Hemmingford

Our founders

Sharyn Fortin - Camping Canne de Bois (Family camping in Hemmingford)

Sharyn Fortin


As the new Executive Director of Camping Canne de Bois, I am honored to be part of this expansion and transition to come. Since my great-grandfather Hermas Fortin opened his modest campground in 1954, our family has grown to become a destination for families, couples and anyone who wants to relax in a natural setting.

I am committed to preserve the essence of this beautiful campground as we grow and move into the future. I will continue to work with the local community and businesses to bring the best experiences and the greatest value to our residents and guests.

Jean Riopel - Camping Canne de Bois (Family camping in Hemmingford)

Bryan Fortin 


Annie Lalonde - Camping Canne de Bois (Family camping in Hemmingford)

Annie Lalonde

Administrative Manager

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